Vanguard Party is a band from Durham, NC comprised of four nerds. Frequently holed up in their home studio to decompress and create something unique as a group. 

Vanguard Party writes songs about resilience and revolution. While sounding heavy at times, their message is one of determination and hope.

Always refining their approach and pursuing the best way to create a spectacle that truly engages the audience, performing live they’ve been described as “intense”, “emotive”, and “a bit loud”. One show is not like the other.


Drums / Josh Brackett
Vocals, Keyboard / Derek Alan Rowe
Guitar / Alex Jergensen
Bass / Pat Maday



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by Vanguard Party

Written and recorded over the span of a year, pas en ture is a work of evolution. From a new band member to the birth of three children, these songs are an account of changing identity, revolt, and looking to the future under a different light. “Savage as Wolf” takes inspiration from a little-known letter written by George Washington about the expanding American frontier. “With or Without Weapons” questions the role of individuals in a complex and ever-changing society. “We are not Machines” considers the future of humanity and earth at-large in the face of deteriorating independence. Each song comes to life by way of shifting segues that provide room for reflection before launching into the next chapter.


Ritual Lament

by Vanguard Party

This story starts at the end...

Each song represents a different part of our lives: from questioning the status quo, to celebrating the possibilities of life, to mourning the ineviability of death.


Cycles In the Sky

by Vanguard Party
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Ritual lament

the recording sessions

recorded over 36 hours in the blue ridge mountains


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